Welcome to Munro Motors

Life is short, buy something awesome for yourself! We have hand picked every vehicle! Come and see!

We are located in Brantford, Ontario; Telephone City and the hometown of hockey legend Wayne Gretzky. Formerly located in St. George, Ontario for ten years, we are still east of London, south of Cambridge, and west of Hamilton. Don't stand out in the cold snow or raging heat, in a massive lot, trying to find a car that will "do". Come see us, and we can make your dreams come true.

At Munro Motors, we find unique vehicles and post our entire stock online in order to ensure that our vehicles find their happy home. To ensure our customers can get what they've always wanted, we offer financing services through TD Bank, Desjardins, Scotia Bank, and Crelogix. We also offer warranty products through Lubrico, Coverage One, and Nation Wide, to make sure that your mechanical baby stays in tip-top condition.
Munro Motors has been serving the area around Brant for several years, but that isn't all. We have delivered vehicles to Montréal, Saskatchewan, Virginia, and even so far as the Czech Republic! All of our vehicles are hand-picked by the very knowledgeable owner, Andrew Munro, who has been connecting people to their dreams for many years.

We have used cars, trucks, motorcycles, and other vehicles, from all the major brands you recognize.Click here to browse our online inventory:

Andrew and Andrea Munro are eager to share their knowledge and their passion about vehicles with you. We definitely recommend checking out our online inventory, and then call us to schedule a private viewing in our heated, indoor showroom, away from the Canadian elements.

You may also request more information about a vehicle using our online form or by calling 1 (877) 738-8063. If you would like to see us in person, click on Dealership: Directions , for step-by-step instructions to our new showroom